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Landlord Tenant Representation

Facilitate the lease or sale transaction between a tenant and landlord.

Operation Management

Operation and oversight of commercial property operations.

Capital Market

Providing proactive insights and executable strategies to drive returns and enhance outcomes for our clients’ real estate investments

Acquisition and Disposition

Acquiring or divesting of an asset through direct sale or other transfer method.

Investment Advisory

Providing specialized real estate investment advisory to clients based on research, experience and industry knowledge.

Business Relocation and Move Management

Harwood minimizes business downtime and enhance employee satisfaction during complex corporate relocations through advanced planning and strategic communication.

Valuation and Advisory

Determining the optimal and best use for a property with supporting analysis to determine value.

Market Research

Delivering insightful data that is relevant to client’s local market and business needs.

Risk Management

We help companies, asset managers and corporate and public clients mitigate risk levels